Semantion Business Platform 2.0

Toronto, Canada - October 02, 2009 - Semantion is pleased to announce the general availability of Semantion Business Platform (SBP) 2.0.

Some of additions and upgrades available in this version are: Security Provider extension for a role-based security, Web Services Security, functional and security related upgrades of Semantion Registry and Repository, Semantion Metamodeler, Semantion Governance Manager and Tara Application Builder Methodology for a quick development of information management applications on Semantion Business Platform.

"Semantion Business Platform 2.0 offers both enterprise information management and business process management capabilities what makes it a uniquely positioned platform. Its latest addition of the rapid information management applications development based on Tara Metamodeling Ontology and Tara Application Builder Methodology significantly reduces development and maintenance cost of enterprise information management solutions," said Goran Zugic, CTO and co-founder of Semantion.

About Semantion, Inc.
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