Semantion Announces Release of Piva System Designer

Toronto, Canada - August 04, 2008 - Semantion is pleased to announce the first release of Piva System Designer, a system design tool based on Tara Metamodeling Ontology and Semantion Registry and Repository. Tara is a generic ontology that provides a foundation for metamodels used for system and business process modeling.

Piva System Designer is a robust system design tool/service based on the scalable architecture of Semantion Registry and Repository. It can be used as a cloud computing service or as an in-house software tool.

"Semantion proved universality of Tara Metamodeling Ontology by using it as a foundation ontology for both business process modeling and system design. We created two metamodels from Tara: System Design Metamodel (SDM) for system design and SOA Information Model (SOA-IM) for business process modeling, execution, and analysis. Separating process and system design ontology from process semantics, we have been able to build a platform capable of virtually providing overall process support and design of systems modeled in SOA-IM and SDM, respectively," said Goran Zugic, CTO and co-founder of Semantion.

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