Semantion Announces Release of Semantion Registry and Repository 2.5

Toronto, Canada - February 07, 2006 - Semantion is pleased to announce the general availability of Semantion Registry and Repository version 2.5 that provides complete support for Federated Enterprise Reference Architecture (FERA)-based SOA Registry components: Federation Registry and Process Flow Registry. FERA-based SOA is a reference architecture that Semantion contributed to OASIS ebSOA Technical Committee and is used as a framework for SOA specifications being developed by ebSOA TC. Based on ebXML Registry standard, Semantion Registry is an open standard-based registry that provides complete support for SOA Information Model (SOA IM), one of FERA-based SOA specifications.

"With the development of FERA-based SOA platform, Semantion continues with its leading role in the implementation of open standard-based software. Semantion provided one of the first implementations of ebXML Registry standard specifications, along with the first multi-tier component based registry and repository back in 2001. The core of our FERA-based SOA architectural solution is SOA Information Model and SOA Collaboration Semantics that enable semantic-based integration of all architectural components in FERA-based SOA and provide a complete support for collaborative processes," said Goran Zugic, Chief Architect and co-founder of Semantion.

About Semantion, Inc.
Semantion Inc, headquarted in Toronto, Canada, is a world leader in open and flexible SOA solutions that provide an agile architectural infrastructure that meets the reality of the demands of continuously changing business requirements. Semantion offers SOA solutions, technology, and services to help organizations improve their business operations resulting in reduced cost and increased global presence. For more information, visit the Semantion website at or contact us at

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