Semantion Completed the FERA-based SOA Contribution to OASIS

Toronto, Canada - October 27, 2005 - Semantion is pleased to announce the completion of its FERA (Federated Enterprise Reference Architecture) based SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) contribution to OASIS ebSOA Technical Committee. Semantion's FERA-based SOA contribution includes the following specification documents:

"Semantion has generously made a significant contribution to the ebSOA Technical Committee, by donating the FERA-based SOA work. Utilizing this well-organized information and run-time model, we can organize the independent components of a Service Oriented Architecture into a coherent, predictable and stable framework. We are very enthusiastic about the impact that this contribution will have to our work." said John Hardin, OASIS ebSOA Technical Committee Chair.

Semantion's SOA specification defines how collaborative (business) processes are modeled, deployed and executed internally and externally over the Internet. It also supports standard convergence that enables interoperability between different standards and technologies and at the same time supports the consolidation of standards (Web Services, ebXML, etc.) used in SOA.

About Semantion, Inc.
Semantion Inc, headquarted in Toronto, Canada, is a world leader in open and flexible SOA solutions that provide an agile architectural infrastructure that meets the reality of the demands of continuously changing business requirements. Semantion offers SOA solutions, technology, and services to help organizations improve their business operations resulting in reduced cost and increased global presence. For more information, visit the Semantion website at or contact us at

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