ebXMLsoft Announces Release of ebXMLsoft Registry and Repository 2.4

Toronto, Canada - November 30, 2004 - ebXMLsoft today announced the general availability of ebXMLsoft Registry and Repository version 2.4. This release includes the major EJB 2.0 upgrade, OASIS/ebXML Registry Services 2.6 HTTP binding implementation and ebXMLsoft Registry Developer Pack (ebRDP) Example package with RIM/RS, SOAP, and Representational State Transfer (REST) documented examples with source code. ebXMLsoft's HTTP Binding (REST) support extends its product client list that now includes Web browser clients, ebXMLsoft RIM/RS clients, SOAP clients, and REST clients.

ebXMLsoft is actively working on the implementation of the OASIS/ebXML Registry and Repository 3.0 specification. The release of the 3.0 implementation is scheduled for the first half of 2005.

"We continue to receive very positive feedback from the evaluation of our Registry and Repository product from several groups in North America conducting large Federated Enterprise Reference Architecture prototypes. We strongly believe that it is just matter of time when products like ebXMLsoft Registry and Repository get broader market attention. Many commercial and government sectors now realize the importance of an open standard based approach towards efficient internal and external collaborations in today's globally competitive economy. ebXMLsoft remains fully committed towards the implementation of the Federated Enterprise Reference Architecture with ebXML as a driving standard that fully utilizes FERA potentials. With our readily available unique OASIS based approach, ebXMLsoft has gained the attention and appreciation from key players in the Web Services industry. This is an exciting time for us. With our carefully architected and engineered ebXML solution, we are well positioned to answer and deliver the needs of the market as it continues focus on Service Oriented Enterprise (SOE) solutions," said Dale Castle, Executive Vice President Business Development and Partners at ebXMLsoft.

About ebXMLsoft, Inc.
ebXMLsoft is a leading provider of software and services for implementation of the OASIS/ebXML interoperability standard. The company has been involved since the year 2000 in development and testing of the applicability of ebXML specifications as a premium solution for meta-data management and system integration. The company's flagship product, ebXMLsoft Registry and Repository, is designed and implemented as a highly scalable, multi-tier J2EE component-based Java product. Based in Toronto, ebXMLsoft also provides consulting services, support and training for its products. For further information, visit ebXMLsoft, Inc. at www.semantion.com.

About ebXML
ebXML (Electronic Business using eXtensible Markup Language) is a modular suite of specifications that enables enterprises of any size to globally conduct business over the Internet. ebXML was started in 1999 as an initiative of OASIS ( http://www.oasis-open.org) and the United Nations UN/CEFACT (http://www.unece.org/cefact). OASIS is the international, non-for-profit consortium that supports electronic business development by promoting interoperability specifications. OASIS members are industry groups and organizations involved in XML specifications development. UN/CEFACT, headquartered in Geneva, is the UN body that covers trade facilitation and electronic business worldwide policy and technical development.