ebXMLsoft Inc. Announces Corporate Name Change To Semantion Inc.

Toronto, Canada - August 31, 2005 - ebXMLsoft Inc. announces corporate name change to Semantion Inc. The name change comes about as a result of expanded solution footprint, taking the company further into the increasing SOA based markets sectors.

"The reason for the name change is that we (ebXMLsoft) have grown from an ebXML technology provider to a more comprehensive business solutions provider that leverages ebXML, as well as other OASIS and W3C standard specifications for service oriented technology. As such, we would like the world to understand that we are more than just an ebXML solutions company and we believe the new corporate name, Semantion which embodies Semantic Action, is reflective of this." said Dale Castle, executive vice president, business development & partners.

Semantion SOA is based on the Federated Enterprise Reference Architecture (FERA). It is a semantic-based SOA solution supporting all SOA layers from message exchanges to the most complex orchestrated collaborative processes and is presently under review by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) as an architectural framework for a standard SOA architecture.

"End users need and require both technology and guidance in how to use the technology to achieve business goals. FERA-based SOA as an architectural solution supports modeling, deployment and execution of collaborative processes. It is the most complete SOA reference model that directly reconciles business process models with the open standards for deployment." said Vasco Drecun, Partner and PLM Research Director at Collaborative Product Development Associates (CPDA), the technology advisory firm that published the first formulated FERA reference model.

About Semantion, Inc.
Semantion Inc, headquarted in Toronto, Canada, is a world leader in open and flexible SOA solutions that provide an agile architectural infrastructure that meets the reality of the demands of continuously changing business requirements. Semantion offers SOA solutions, technology, and services to help organizations to improve their business operations resulting in reduced cost and increased global presence. For more information, visit the Semantion website at www.semantion.com or contact us at info@semantion.com.