Piva System Designer 1.2

Piva System Designer 1.2 provides system design based on System Design Metamodel (SDM). SDM is an ontology that defines common system design entities and their associations. SDM is based on Tara Ontology Language.

Piva System Designer:

  • Enforce formal language for system engineering design
  • Improve design visibility and readability - all useful information for certain design under one view
  • Improve design analysis with intuitive model query interface

Piva System Designer supports web browser clients, SOAP-based XML messaging clients, and Java clients. It runs on Windows, UNIX, and Linux OS platforms, JBoss Application Server, and supports Oracle database management system.

The main features supported by Piva System Designer are:

  • Definition of contracts and their requirements
  • Creation of projects and all system design entities in it
  • Detailed definitions of objectives and requirements
  • Detailed definitions of other system design entities (i.e., models, modules, functions, interfaces, inputs, outputs, etc.) and associations between them
  • Tree-like view of projects and their related system design entities
  • Full views of system design entities and their associations
  • Easy to use queries for system design analysis

Piva System Designer is a robust scalable tool based on Semantion Registry and Repository. It can be used as both in-house and cloud computing tool.